Friday, May 23, 2008


ice cream

Tonight was our night to have ice cream with Zsolt and Gabi! We had such a fun time! We even were able to joke around and understand more of each others' languages. I said a swear word in Hungarian on accident. I mispronounced a word just by one little vowel sound, and I ended up swearing. Hoppá! Oops!

Having conversations in English with non-native English speakers really makes me think because they ask lots of questions about why we say certain things. Half the time I don't even know the answer! I was told that you usually know the reasons why behind things in another language better than your own, only because you don't have to think speaking in your own language nor do you know why you do some things. Anyway, it's been interesting and very thought provoking.

For instance, tonight, Zsolt and Gabi learned the phrase "You're welcome." They say "szívesen" for both "please" and "you're welcome." They thought you would use the English word "please" for both as well. It helped me to learn that part about Hungarian because I never knew how to say "please." So we both learned something new!

And I asked them to say something in Hungarian for all of you. I have had lots of people ask me what it sounds like, but since I can't speak it, I can't say anything for you. So I made a video, but again, the internet shuts down when I try to post it directly on here. Instead, you have go to the link for the video, so CLICK ME.

I don't understand half of what they said, only something about having ice cream at the Cukrászda with Kristen, Kevin, and Seth and something about Monday, maybe that we had dinner then. Not sure. Anyway, enjoy! I do say a word or two in Hungarian, and they use the new phrase they learned tonight.

We planned our next gathering at Margitsziget once school is over!

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