Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I went to Target tonight after Seth went to bed. I LOVE Target. I miss Target. I had so much fun looking around at Target. Did I mention that I LOVE Target?

It's funny how easy things are when you have a car, you speak the language, and you can get anything you need/want. That's something that I have always taken for granted. Not any more!

It's also funny how easy it is to be materialistic, too, when you have all of that at your disposal all of the time. I'm not saying that everyone who goes shopping is materialistic or anything like that. But for me, I know it's easy to spend money if I am always surrounded by that and seeing things that I would like to have. So even though I wish we had Target in Hungary, it's probably better that we don't!

At church on Sunday, Dr. Stowell was talking about having a spiritual mind and not a material mind. He was talking about Jesus talking to the Samaritan woman at the well and how she was thinking of his spiritual "living water" as a material, earthly drinking water. Her mind was here. It was a great challenge to keep our minds focused on the spiritual and not the material. Again, it can be more challenging to do that when you're surrounded by so many things in the material world. It's wonderful to know that just as Jesus met the woman at the well right where she was at in her life, he meets us where we're at, too. And don't we need him to meet us where we are? It's a different place for each of us, and I am grateful that he knows what we need and when.

Speaking of that, I want to continue to ask you to pray for Ryan. Things have not been going well. We continually pray that God would do a miracle!!! We serve a living God who can do a miracle and defy medicine.


Boo Boo's Mommy said...

I love Target...you should have invited me.

Boo Boo's Mommy said...

Woohooo! I am the ten thousandth visitor!

Pamela and Oliver said...

Kristen! Ode to Target, tell it hello from us :) We sure do miss you over here, praying you're having a wonderful time. Eat some good American food for us -