Tuesday, April 15, 2008

one week left in america

Well, it has been a pretty hectic and crazy week since I last posted. And when I say "crazy," I mean a good kind of crazy. My mom and I took Seth to visit her side of the family and to see Kevin's family. We had a wonderful time with them all, but it went by too fast. My dearest friend Leah also drove out to visit me, and I loved getting to spend time with her. It was just so fun to see everyone!!!

I have been quite overwhelmed by everyone's generosity. I can't even begin to share all of the lovely gifts we have received for Seth, American food items to take back, and gifts of money to spend on other items here to take back. I am incredibly grateful to everyone giving so selflessly. I cannot say thank you enough.

And although I took pictures while we were out visiting, I of course can't get them off the camera and onto my parents' computer to show. So I guess it'll have to wait until I'm back in Hungary. I was using my sister's camera last week to take pictures, but then Daniel broke it, so we're both out right now!


Stefanie said...

Something about the name "Daniel" and "cameras" don't mix.

Stefanie said...

One week left...so sad :(

Kevin said...

I can't wait until you get back!