Monday, April 7, 2008

hot pockets

Well, my brother left to go back for his last few weeks at the University of Iowa (Go HaWKs!), and my cousin flew back to Kentucky as well this afternoon. We had such a fun time together! We took a picture before Aimee left, but Seth was taking a nap so he obviously didn't make it in the picture. Thank you both for making the trip to come visit us. We love you so much!

Seth absolutely loves bath time. He cuddled with Aunt Stefanie after his bath this evening. We gave Daniel and Seth a bath together last night. That was quite funny. Daniel did NOT like having Seth in the tub with him. He kept telling him "out, out" and throwing his foam bath letters at him. Seth as usual kicked and splashed like crazy and wound up kicking Daniel several times. Of course he didn't like that either. But I thought it was hilarious!

Kevin and Whittington... I saw a commercial for Hot Pockets this afternoon while I was watching some good old television. I laughed so hard as I could hear that guy's voice in my head. I also showed the "Ken Lee" video several times, and everyone thought it was hilarious.

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Nina said...

Your kid is stinkin' cute! Glad to hear your on home turf and are enjoying it...miss you!