Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Seth is 4 months old today. 4 months. My how quickly time has gone! We sometimes have a hard time remembering what we did with our time before he was born. What did we do in the evenings?! Life has definitely changed, but in a good way. :)

Going to the doctor though is always interesting. I made it there in record time -- 18 minutes. The longest it ever took me was 80 minutes. Quite the difference. All depends on traffic! It's always difficult to figure out when to leave because of such a vast difference in the amount of time it could take to get there. But anyway, the most important thing today was that the doctor said he was growing and doing well and that everything was normal. Music to my ears!

Scary thing last night, though... I thought I heard a knock on our door late last night before I headed to bed. I thought I must have been hearing something, but a minute or two later I heard it again. Then the person waited and tried to come in! The door was locked so they couldn't, but it definitely made my heart skip a beat. I waited several minutes before running upstairs so that the person wouldn't see me. I don't know what would have happened or what I would have done had our door been unlocked and someone had walked in.

And continue to pray for Ryan. They either need to get a trach in him or he needs to get some new lungs. I know this is all very stressful. Thank you for praying for them!


Boo Boo's Mommy said...

How much did he weigh?

Life with Ash and Ave said...

He is so cute Kristen! It is hard to remember life before you had kids once you have them. I hope you are having fun with him!