Thursday, March 27, 2008


I had shared about us being able to borrow someone's furniture next year in a previous post, which was such a huge answer to prayer. This afternoon we went over to their house to check out the furniture they had to offer. I am SO grateful for them being willing to let us borrow their stuff.

In small group Tuesday night, we watched a video called "Rich" from the series we're doing. We had some great discussions afterwards about giving of our time, money, and things. I honestly have to say that I know SO many generous people, and I pray that I can be that generous. I find that many people here (and in the US!) have that generous attitude as we have borrowed just about everything imaginable from someone at one point in time or another. Countless people have let us borrow their cars! I think that one would be the toughest, and yet it is something so many people have allowed us to do.

Is this spirit of generosity as common outside the body of Christ as it is inside? There are tons of people who aren't Christ-followers who are generous. I wonder if it's more common though amongst believers. Perhaps not... But I am curious!

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Boo Boo's Mommy said...

Arianne and I just had that conversation this afternoon! (Before I read your blog). She was telling me about her dentist. She was having some work done on three teeth and only charging her for two, and then not charging for something else. I said, "Is he a believer, because that is so generous!". He's not...but what a generous man!

Another thought...the man I worked with in Hanover Park was the moste generous teacher I have ever met...again not a believer.

I like to think of these situations as Christ working through un-believers to help believers out! That's just my opinion.