Saturday, February 16, 2008



We had a major prayer request answered this week that I want to share, like another one of the stones God had the Israelites take out of the Jordan River to remember what he had done for them.

So we had asked for prayer in our last update about the housing situation for next year. We are able to stay where we are currently living but will have almost no furniture come the middle of June. We either had to find a new furnished flat or buy some furniture. We looked into a few places we heard were for rent, but they were all way too expensive. You need to understand that due to the school being located in this village, there are a lot of Americans who live around here. People seem to think that all Americans are rich, even though the majority who live here are missionaries, so they feel like they can charge an arm and a leg for rent. And with the dollar doing so poorly now, that means our money doesn't go as far. This is also a small village, so there isn't much available. And without a car, we can't move very far. We have to be within walking distance to school. Moving to a new place wasn't looking like a viable option, at least not at this moment.

Then we got an email from a family offering teachers their furniture to borrow next school year. We actually know this family... their son is on Kevin's basketball team. They are moving into another family's house while this family goes back to the States on furlough for the school year. They were going to store their furniture since they will be using the other family's things but thought they would offer it to anyone in need. I emailed the woman, and she called me back yesterday. She said we were welcome to use any or all of it! She was just so glad that someone could use it. We told her that this was such a huge answer to prayer because we couldn't find any reasonable rent and weren't sure how we would afford to buy the needed furniture.

This is a small thing in light of all the big things going on in the world that are much more important, but God still does these little things that are a big concern in our life. Praise the Lord for providing for us once again!


Anonymous said...

Mom and I said this was God & "Oh wow". Daniel was sitting here and he proceeded to say "Oh wow". We are thankful for answered prayers in your lives - again and again! Love, Mom & Dad

Kristin said...

That is so great! The blessings of God feel so good, especially when you can see them so clearly!