Thursday, February 21, 2008

egy év alatt

in a year's time...

It was one year ago today that I started this blog. So much has happened in that year.

I had a conversation with a teacher at the school regarding the decision we made to move here. I really struggled last year with trying to figure out what God wanted us to do...stay in Ohio or move to Hungary. Those of you who know me well know that I desire to be obedient, however not always with the most happiest of hearts. So as we were asking God to make it clear whether we should go or stay, I had this overwhelming feeling that it didn't matter which place we lived in so long as we were serving God in either place. That was hard for me because I like things to be black and white, wrong and right. It makes it easier to make a decision if one is right and the other is wrong, no matter if I don't like the one that is "right." Was moving to Hungary the right or the wrong choice?

This teacher shared with me how their family felt the same way. There seemed to be so many open doors when they decided to go into missions, and they didn't know where the exact place was that God wanted them. Which place was right and which was wrong? And then they too felt that God told them that as long as they were serving him that it didn't matter to him where it was that they were serving.

I don't look back at the choice we made as one that we will ever regret. Sure, life is filled with new challenges and transitions, but most have been wonderful. Being away from family is hard, especially with having a kid now. Being away from those we love is not fun. Yet God in his infinite grace has given us new friends here, and we are grateful that he has provided for us this new family. There is peace and contentment in knowing that we are where God wants us to be, not because Hungary is right and Ohio is wrong, but because we love being here and serving him here. It doesn't matter where we are so long as we are doing just that. How good to know that it's not some big guessing game that God is trying to win at and make us lose!

And then I got a special gift today...

No, God didn't drop Oreo's from the sky, but he did provide me with a little snack from home that I have never seen in Hungary. In fact, of all the people I talked to about my exciting discovery, only two people have ever seen Oreo's here and both had only seen them once. How often did I buy and eat Oreo's back home? HARDLY EVER! So why the sudden thrill of getting this snack? It's like they say...

You always want what you can't have!

I will be slowly savoring this little treat, which was actually rather inexpensive for being a rare American good.

It has been a good year full of learning about God's constant love and provision for us!