Wednesday, February 20, 2008


"a piece of cake"

I started my cake decorating class this week! The woman who is teaching it was a mom of one of my former 2nd graders. She taught the class years ago at Michael's in the States. I didn't realize when she asked me that she actually did this professionally! She also made the cake for the baby shower my class had for me. It was delicious. Two other women are doing the class with me, both whose husbands also teach at the school. The first lesson was how to make the different types of icing for decorating and showing us a few tricks of the trade. My mom will be happy because I got the BEST icing recipe...tastes just like icing from the bakery. Yum! Her family is here with Exxon Mobile, and her husband went back to the States for a couple weeks and brought back for us cake decorating kits. So glad because I have no idea if some of the things I would need are here and if they're here where I would find them.

It was fun to hang out with these women, all who are definitely older than me. They have all lived here longer than me, although not much, and so they shared with me various food substitute tidbits and other valuable information. I discovered from them that there is a store that sells chocolate chips! I have no idea where it is or how to get there, but sign me up. I was so excited to hear this, but then I heard the price for a bag...


I guess I won't be buying chocolate chips here. That's okay. My mom brought over a 72 oz. bag when they came when Seth was born. Hopefully she can do that again this summer. (Hint, Hint Mom!)

And Seth has grown into his overalls, which is the only article of clothing I have purchased for him. All else has been given to us from generous people...Praise the Lord! I love babies in overalls, and in this picture, he is standing by himself. We hold him to balance him, but he loves to stand up these days.


Audrey said...

What fun! I am thrilled that you have this helpful and social interaction with some other ladies.

Seth is adorable in those overalls, and standing already?? Time flies. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Seth looks so cute in his overalls! I love overalls on baby boys.