Friday, February 22, 2008

kürtös kalács

Friday is kürtös kalács day in Diósd. (I think that's how you spell it...I was sounding it out and did my best with the vowel sounds and accents!) This is a sweet treat that comes in a cylindrical shape. It's a long piece of dough wound around a wooden barrel where then it cooks and you get to choose your topping. I always get fahéj -- cinnamon. They are so good! I hadn't had one since before Seth was born. So when Kevin came home from school and asked if I wanted to go get one, I was thrilled! It's a little stand they set up in the center of Diósd only on Friday, and because it was 60 degrees today, the line was super long! No one seems to mind waiting to get one when it's not freezing cold out. I think half the high school was there as well.

Kevin enjoys his!

And remember how I talked about the "gy" sound in Hungarian that I just can't pronounce? Well, there are tons of words that have it, but this one word in particular I have had to use several times and always get flustered with it. I can't say it!!!



leah said...

I want it to be 60 degrees! :) Is it supposed to stay nice? Enjoy! Looks appetizing kevin!

Audrey said...

This seems to be a popular treat! Glad you could get out and enjoy a beautiful day.

Kristen said...

Soon you will be able to go get it with us!!!

Anonymous said...

It was my favorite treat when I was there! Even eating while walking around Budapest on a cold, rainy evening! Not as good the next day though - got to eat it when it is fresh and hot! Love, Dad

Boo Boo's Mommy said...

I kind of forgot about this blog. Gross Kevin!