Wednesday, January 23, 2008



The sun was back out and shining today! YEAH! And we were able to get some pictures of Seth smiling. It cracks me up because he opens his mouth a lot when he smiles. Plus, Grandpa D called and got to talk/listen to Seth. He got off the phone and let Grandma D know, so then she called to hear him. He used to only talk for a bit here and there, but he is talking a lot all day now. It's so fun to hear his squeals of delight. It makes me so happy.

And FYI... We have learned that it is much more expensive to buy train tickets online to travel in Europe than it is to go to the local train station -- about twice as much. So if you ever plan on traveling in Europe by train, don't buy any tickets online!


Brittany said...

aww aww aww! It's so fun when they smile!

Boo Boo's Mommy said...

I love his smile- precious! I was showing Daniel the pictures of Seth and when the slideshow stopped, he signed "more"! It was so cute!