Friday, January 25, 2008

csütörtök és péntek

Thursday and Friday

So the last two evenings have been very busy. Last night Mary came over for dinner, and we enjoyed hanging out with her for a bit. She cracks me up. Everyone likes to hold Seth.

And tonight, we went to Bjorn and Trisha's for Lianna's first birthday! We had a nice time with our friends, and I did remember my camera to take a few pictures. I rarely remember my camera to take pictures of our friends here, but I did tonight. YEAH! So enjoy the slideshow or click on the link at the bottom left or the symbol on the bottom right to see the album or any of the others I have posted. If you do click on that, you can read the captions for the pictures to tell you who these people are, if you're interested. And Mom and Dad, you should recognize a few people! :)

Happy weekend to you all! I'm going to bed.


Boo Boo's Mommy said...

Lianna is so cute! I told Arianne about your blog so she could see pictures of her!

Nyukizaidi said...

Great pics of the party and so good to see from far away Kenya. Thanks Kriten and Ari for sending me to the link!
Lianna's great Uncle John