Friday, January 18, 2008

új készülék

new appliance

I got a food processor this week. I always wanted one but could not justify spending money on a good one when I wouldn't get enough use out of it. I plan on making all of Seth's food, which is still months away, and wanted to just look into them. There was a terrific sale at Electro World on them when we went, and so Kevin said I could get one. I used it for the first time tonight when we needed chopped tomatoes for something we were making. One or two pulses later and all of the tomatoes were wonderfully chopped! It saved like 30 minutes on having to cut all of those up, especially when you don't have any good knives. Ah, it was wonderful!

I am looking forward to chopping up the onions in it tomorrow for the soup I'm making in the crock pot.

And on a completely different note... I walked to the recycling bins around the corner tonight. It was SO foggy outside that I felt like I was in some movie that I couldn't think of. Perhaps it was the first Mission Impossible? I am not sure, but all I could think of was that someone was going to pop out of one of the gates and scare me half to death. (All of the properties here have gates around them that go to the sidewalk.) I made it back safely without that happening though. No need to worry. :)

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Boo Boo's Mommy said...

I have some good recipes and tips when you start making Seth's baby food. I remember when I did it without a food processor the first three months of solids...then I finally bought one. Much easier! I actually still have some frozen baby food in the freezer left over from last Spring...want it?! :)