Sunday, January 20, 2008



Well, we are back to having computer problems. We have actually been having them for over a week now. I should clarify and say that we are having software problems and not problems with the actual computer hard drive like last time. So that's why we haven't been posting pictures, even though I have received word from many to post more pictures. Again, we apologize for the delay. This problem is much easier to fix... YEAH!

But "mommy" is a genius. I navigated my way somehow around the system and was able to download a few pictures this afternoon that were taken during the week. I posted some pictures of Kevin and Seth, so now I am posting a couple of Seth and me this time. There aren't many now a days since I'm home all day and the only one here to take pictures, but Kevin did take a few one night last week.

Seth was in such a happy and smiling mood, and yet decided not to smile once the camera came out. Why does that keep happening?! His face lights up at our faces, so I think he stops when he no longer sees our face and only sees the camera. Perhaps I'm wrong... But here are the pictures that Kevin took within a few seconds. He moves fast, I look half out of it in one, but I love how he is biting my ear in the one picture!


Kristin said...

I love the pictures of you and Seth together! You both look great!`

Boo Boo's Mommy said...

So cute!!! I love him and miss him so much! Way to rock the AWC sweathsirt!