Saturday, January 26, 2008



Seth officially turned 2 months old today. My how time is flying! I know he's still so little, but he is growing and changing so fast. He weighs about 11 lbs. now. That is not an official weight or anything from the doctor's office, but the scale says around 5 kilos.

I went over and hung out with Pam for a bit this afternoon while she watched her nieces, Samantha and Norah. We got to talking about moving. Kevin and I need to decide by the middle of June if we are staying where we are now or if we will move to another place. A lot of that depends on if we are able to get a car or find a place still in walking distance to the school or if we can find a place that is furnished and still in our budget. The reason for this is that we are currently using all of Kim's furniture as they live in a family's house who is on furlough this year. When they come back, Gary and Kim move out into their own new place and will take with them the furniture we have been using. So Kevin and I either need to start buying some furniture to get by or move to a furnished place. Not sure which would be less expensive.

That led me to search for places on the internet. Diósd is a small village, so unfortunately not much pops up. I did, however, find a site that mentioned housing for expatriates living in Hungary. I decided to take a look and found a plethora of information that was just awesome. This website has way more than just information about housing, but just about general living in Hungary, written mainly for expatriates moving here. Audrey, I recommend you browse this, even if it's just for fun!

Now most people (maybe not any!) won't find this as fascinating as I did, but it makes so much more sense and is more interesting when you live here. The coolest little link I found was to a chart that talks about the cultural differences between the US and Hungary. The list is quite extensive, but there is just some funny stuff that either I noticed instantly or stuff that I really hadn't. Some of it I realized during one of my other two stays here, but some of it I only realized this time. Can you believe we have been here for almost 6 months?! WOW! If you scroll about two-thirds of the way down to the section called "House and Home," there is some info on their toliet. I thought Kevin would appreciate me mentioning that.

Also, ICSB is listed on there under Int'l Schools, and the church we go to (Golgotha/Calvary Chapel) is listed under Int'l Churches. There is just such great information on there, and discovering this website totally made my day! :)


Audrey said...

Thank you, Kristen! When I first discovered that I was moving to Hungary, I found this site. That was about 1 1/2 years ago; so much has been added, but I hadn't thought to look. Such a great resource. It totally made my day, too.
The person responsible for the site has such a wonderful perspective on American and Hungarian cultures! Impressive.

Kristen said...

I wish I would have found this site before we moved here! I just have had fun reading all sorts of stuff. Glad you enjoyed seeing it again. :)