Sunday, January 27, 2008



It is so incredibly windy today, so windy in fact that our lights have flickered several times. That reminds me that we don't have a flashlight, so if we lose power...

And because of the wind, our house is freezing cold. That is of course due to the lack of insulation in the house around the windows and doors, as mentioned in a previous post. The curtains are REALLY blowing today.

Seth is dressed in the warmest outfit possible because we can't keep the house warm. He seems just fine though.

I'm off to light a few candles we have just in case the power does go out. I won't be able to find the matches or light them in complete darkness. Better be prepared just in case...

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Mike said...

Just wanted to say hey! We're praying for you guys and enjoying the blog updates. I feel like a blogging slacker when I check yours out.