Tuesday, December 18, 2007

my parents

It's hard to believe that Seth was born just over 3 weeks ago. I thought time would just crawl not working and being involved with school all the time, but I was wrong. I'm not exactly sure what I do all day as I feel like I have not accomplished a thing, but the day sure does fly as I am always busy. I guess feeding him and changing his diapers is an all day event.

So we are still waiting for our password for us to get on the internet at home. That means that I have to come over to school to email or blog right now, so as you well know, I haven't done much of that recently. We have received like 100 emails, and so far I have written 3! Thanks for being patient.

We had a wonderful time with my parents while they were here. They got to see bits and pieces of Budapest, although most of our time was spent at home with Seth. My parents are coming back this summer, and then we'll be able to do more of that stuff when it's warmer and Seth is older. They got to meet a lot of our friends here, and it was so good for them to see where we live and where we work, just what life is like for us in general. They got to experience grocery shopping and the insane driving as well. We went to Tesco, the British grocery store, and my mom decided that she would buy the Tesco brand of everything because there is English on their packaging. They also got to go with us to the doctor for Seth's two week check up. So many people from the school made meals for us while my parents were here, and many others had us over for dinner. I really appreciated that, and it gave my parents a chance to get to know some of the people here who are becoming like family to us. The bonds with people here are amazing.

But they left bright and early on Saturday morning. Those of you who know me know how difficult it is for me to say goodbye to them every time we leave each other. I always cry when we say goodbye. And although I cried an awful lot with this departure, I surprised myself by not being depressed as I expected I would be. This morning when I finally got a few moments to take a shower, I realized that I really just need to thank God that I have the relationship with my parents that I do have and that we love each other like that. I wouldn't be crying if we didn't. It's hard to be away from those you love the most, and so I consider it the biggest blessing in the world to have my parents as my parents. Other people don't struggle as much with being away from their families, and for some, that's because they don't have that sort of relationship. So Mom and Dad, Thanks for everything. We miss you and love you SOOOO much. Hurry back. Seth is fussing because he misses you too. No joke.

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Kristin said...

I am so glad to hear that you are doing well. I am happy for you that you got to spend such great quality time with your parents and that they got to have that time with Seth. I will be praying for you as you continue to adjust to live without Grandma and Grandpa around...I know how hard that can be with an infant. Accept the offers for help from those who are there to help you. Enjoy your son!