Wednesday, December 19, 2007

meeting the 2nd graders

Today was Seth's first visit to 2nd grade to meet my students. It was the last day of school before Christmas break, so he debuted at their Christmas party. I have never seen such calm and relaxed kids around a baby. They were so excited but must have been warned not to overwhelm him because they were so gentle and not all in his face as I expected they would be. They were so sweet with him. It was absolutely precious. The new teacher Marjorie told me that they were waiting for me all morning to come because they were just so excited. And much to my delight, he was not fussy at all. Looks like he's back to his good old self again!

Now I did have a Seth in my class this year, who was most excited to hear our name choice when he was born. Kevin and I picked the name out the day we found out it was a boy. We didn't really agree on any names, so when we both liked that one and hadn't had any students with that name, we decided to go with it. Then we come over here to a tiny school and both wind up with a Seth in class. Too funny. But today big Seth was so excited to say hi to baby Seth. He made him a card that was "To: Seth, From: Seth." That cracked me up. And he paid me the biggest compliment, "Whoa Mrs. Yaiko! You're so much skinnier!" I was showered with hugs from all the little darlings, who were surprised that they could now get their arms around me. They just made me laugh!

We also had lunch with all the staff at school before everyone scatters for Christmas. Serh just steals the show wherever we go. I don't think I'll ever have to hold him while any school people are around.

By the way, I am writing this blog from home, which means we have the internet set up and working at home! This is super duper exciting!!! Vonage should be up and working today or tomorrow hopefully. Then we can be reached via phone just like making any phone call in the US. That will be wonderful as well! And Kevin did it all by himself, even though all instructions and everything were in Hungarian. You should be very impressed. Also, go visit his blog as he made a slideshow and posted it on his blog.

And this picture is for Grandma Yaiko. I don't think his arms are in more than an inch or two of the sleeves of the bunting. He is such a little peanut but oh so cute!


Mom Y said...

He does look cute - too funny!! One day you'll wonder how he ever fit in those small clothes that are so big on him now. And isn't it great to be skinny again!
Love, Mom Y

josh said...

i'm glad you and seth are doin' well! hope everythin' is goin' well and accordin' to your blog, it sounds like it! i'll see tons of pics and videos of the lil stud when i'm home in 4 days! have a great weekend (well, it's only wednesday as i just remembered but i just finished my it's a weekend to me)...but i hope everything is going great! love you guys, bye!

Brittany said...

awww he is SO cute! :)

Amen to being skinny again. That's the best feeling, after giving birth!

Kristin said...

What a little sweetheart! I can't wait to be able to see more pictures on your blog...I love the ones on Kevin's.

Kelly said...

Kris, he looks like a little star! And I'm sure he truly is the star everywhere he goes. I'm so jealous of those who are able to make you meals and watch Seth for you, but am also so thankful for those very same people- that God is taking care of you in so many ways over there. We miss you.