Friday, November 16, 2007

baby shower

My class threw a baby shower for me this afternoon. It was so cute. I love how kids get way more excited than anyone else. It's always like that at Christmas. They can hardly wait for you to open up the gift that they bought for you. The same was true today. They pretty much opened up the gifts for me.

I am not a fan of playing games at showers. They are usually so dumb, but with kids, you kind of have to because they love it and are so excited. So I didn't mind doing that today. Can you guess what game they did? The one that every expectant mother loves -- the one where they have to guess how big you are around in toilet paper squares. All the moms were telling them to be nice and that this was the only time they were ever allowed to do this to a woman. Quite funny.

But what was especially funny was that all of the kids were either right on or only one square off! They do like to give hugs, even though their little arms no longer fit around me, so perhaps that's why they were so good at it!

On a side note, Europeans believe that pregnant mothers should stay off their feet and only rest for the last month. The Hungarian women who work at school have told me several times that I should be home. The mothers in my class who are Hungarian and Bulgarian have also let me know that I should not be working. The one has let me know several times that I am not taking care of myself by continuing to work so hard at school. Interesting how the mindset is so different here. Granted, if you have up to 3 years of paid maternity leave, you can start it a month before and not feel bad, as compared to having only 6 or 12 weeks in the US, so you work until the last possible moment.

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