Thursday, October 11, 2007

thursday morning devotions

Thursday morning devotions at school are times when they ask staff to share their testimony, or to share something along those lines. Several weeks ago, they had asked Kevin to share his today. As he got to thinking about what he wanted to share, they came back and told him to tell how we got over here to Hungary. Kevin said, "Talk to my wife." So we did a combined time today of our testimony and how God was working in our lives to get us over here. I feel like I have shared this only a million times, but I guess I haven't really because so many people came up to me today and thanked me for sharing all that had happened in our lives. I felt blessed that God could use our story to encourage other people's hearts. When we shared all sorts of the details it took over the last ten years to get us both to a place where we wanted to come serve in Hungary, it is so obvious that he was the one at work. No coincidence! To him be all glory, honor, and praise.

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