Wednesday, October 10, 2007

girls night

I had a fun time with Pam and Whittington last night as we went into the city, got our hair cut, and went out to dinner at Iguana, a Mexican restaurant near the US Embassy. The city it so beautiful lit up at night.

They are currently working at our apartment to fix a few of our problems, at least the urgent ones. They said that they'll get to the other ones later. But at least I should go home to working hot water in the kitchen and no more flooding in the bathroom!

I also received several pieces of mail!!! Some families from my old school went in together and bought us a Pack 'n Play for us to have here and shipped it to us. That is the biggest God-send! THANK YOU!

My grandma also wrote me a letter. How fun to get some good old fashioned snail mail! Don't get me wrong, I love email, but getting a surprise hand written letter is so fun too!

I also got an email from Alli, a student of mine from last year. She included a picture that I am posting. So many good things to happen in one day!


Aimee said...

Sounds like you girls had a great time! :) Was it Grandma Dunham who sent you the letter? She's so awesome - I love reading her notes. And a "Pack 'n Play"!!! Not a bad week for you guys. Happy almost Friday! :)

Brittany said...

hey pregnant lady- is this picture taken in front of a bar??? hmmm... What kind of restaurants do they have over there?? haha.

Just kidding ;)

Can you send me your address, over there?

here's my email:

brittany at sinzinger dot us

(wrote it out to avoid spam!)

Audrey said...

So glad to hear about the problems in the apartment getting fixed! You girls look great, too. Enjoy the weekend! Love you.