Saturday, October 13, 2007

thoughts on a saturday

The men get together for "men's group" on Thursday night, so I was invited to hang out with a bunch of the women folk. It's always fun just to hang out. It was Pam, Whittington, Melissa, and me. We were sitting there talking when I was informed that there was a mosquito on my head. Melissa came over as if to brush it off my head, but much to my surprise, she whacked me instead! Then she proceeded to pull the dead bug out of the hair on my forehead. We just started laughing because we couldn't believe that she actually just hit me! I was grateful though in the end for not having a mosquito bite.

The first quarter of school ends on Friday, and then we will finally have two days off that next week. We have been going non-stop since school first started. I am greatly looking forward to having a few days off. It's for a Hungarian holiday, I believe the 1956 Revolution day. When holidays fall in the middle of the week, you still get the days off before or after it, instead of observing it on a different day. Hungarians have to work on a Saturday to make up for the extra day, but school doesn't! So we get a four-day weekend next weekend. We might try to go somewhere!

Our hot water in the kitchen is working, and we have no more flooding in the bathroom. YEAH! Still have lots of things to be fixed, but at least those ones are taken care of.

I haven't been getting much sleep lately, and that is probably going to continue. It is slowly killing me though as I still try to teach. I almost dozed off while I was doing read aloud the last two days. 7 weeks to go, and I don't know how long I'll be doing full days if I'm only sleeping for about 4 hours a night. But we shall see!

By the way, the internet is awesome. I am listening to a radio station in the US right now. It's nice to hear something familiar!

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