Monday, October 8, 2007

mr. navy seal

Our drain isn't fixed yet, and that was supposed to be taken care of today because of the urgency of the situation. We had another episode last night with the drain, and the water almost came down the stairs. At least it didn't...

Last night I made some cookies for the very first time since we moved here. That turned out to be a disaster. It is rather difficult to cook in an oven where you can't set the temperature and it constantly fluctuates. Bless Kevin's heart. He still ate them!

On a more positive note, Kevin was the talk of the town today. He shaved his head with a bunch of the senior guys this weekend on the retreat. He's been threatening to do that, so I was not surprised to see it when he came back. He had a great time on the retreat, and I was glad for him to experience that. The students just love him. Some of the high schoolers said he looks like a Navy Seal now. And the first thing out of three of my students mouth this morning when I came in..."Mr. Yaiko shaved his head!" Who knew that him shaving his head would be such a huge deal?! But that's all everyone is talking about, even the staff!


Aimee said...

Oh man... I recall the first time Kevin shaved his head! You were SO upset with him. And then my beloved husband decided to follow shortly thereafer. Gotta love our boys :) Hope your flooding problem gets fixed soon... YIKES! We'll be praying for that very specifically today :) Love you

Anonymous said...

Aimee - what do you expect from a guy who roots for the Indians!