Sunday, October 7, 2007

floating away

I am person who likes to get things done. I must be honest and say that I am struggling right now with not being able to get things done. Well, I should say that things we have asked to get done are not getting done. We have a whole list of things that need to be fixed in our apartment, and after 7 weeks, not a single thing has been done. The problems continue to get worse, too, as they go on.

Two big things: (1) The seal on our refrigerator is broken. Our fridge is not staying cold. It's only a dorm-size one, so we can't keep much in it anyway, but our food is going bad too fast because of the door not being sealed shut. Plus, the little freezer section in the top of the fridge is always defrosting on our food. So then our food gets soaking wet. (2) The hot water knob in the kitchen sink is broken, or rather it's been stripped. We were able to get it to shut off by pushing it in and turning it really hard, but now Kevin is the only one who is strong enough to do it. I can't turn off the hot water by myself, and since he was gone for 3 days, that means I couldn't use it for three days.

There was a list of almost a dozen things that needed to be fixed, and I went in on Thursday to talk to the person who is supposed to be communicating that to our landlord, who doesn't speak English. Actually, his daughter is our landlord and does speak English, but she lives in Holland, so she left her dad in charge. The Hungarian Affairs lady at school takes care of these things for us, but still nothing has been done. I worked very hard on communicating it gently and kindly that nothing had been fixed and that at least these two problems needed to be taken care of for obvious reasons. She completely understood and said that someone will be taking care of it this week. We were told that these things would be taken care of a long time ago, so I am anxious to see if anything will actually happen.

But then this morning we hit major problem number 3: I stepped out of the shower this morning to see my flip-flops floating away in the bathroom. There was so much standing water on the floor!!! There is a drain in the middle of the bathroom floor, and water just kept pouring OUT of it and onto the floor, instead of water flowing into it, or so that's what I thought a drain was for.

Anyway, I'll let you know if and when anything gets fixed. In the meantime, we are losing food, can't wash dishes, and will eventually float away... Our families would like us to float back over the Atlantic, but that will take a lot more water I think!

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