Friday, October 5, 2007

fun friday

Today was "Fun Friday" at school. With the high school and middle school students gone on their retreats and service projects, the elementary had the place to themselves again. This afternoon we played a bunch of games and watched a movie. It was quite hilarious to watch them play these crazy games and have so much fun. They always had teachers play afterwards, too, to entertain the kids. No one wanted me to get hurt, so they didn't want me playing, just in case. I would have slowed the teams down anyway!

This afternoon one of my students informed me that he felt drunk. I asked him how he knew what being drunk felt like. And he just looked at me and said, "Trust me, Mrs. Yaiko, I know." That kid makes me laugh every single day.

And on a really encouraging note, we were having our class devotions first thing this morning and were talking about having to only ask Christ into your life one time in order to be saved. We don't have to keep praying "the prayer" every day or anything like that. I had a student tell me that she wasn't sure if she really had Jesus in her heart, and so the two of us talked through everything. She decided that she really didn't want to do it right now, but I told her that she could come to me or any other adult here at anytime and let us know when she wanted to. So when you are praying and God brings her to mind, you can be praying for Velina!

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