Tuesday, September 4, 2007

you smell like leftover haddock on a blustery day

Before going any further, I must say thank you for the prayers regarding my health. I am feeling MUCH better today, not at all sick to my stomach and not nearly as tired. We had a nice time with the group from EV Free last night, and I just wanted to say thank you for praying. I feel much more like myself.

So this blog today is just a compilation of random thoughts I have had or things I have heard/seen/noticed/experienced in the last day or so...

Oh, and the title of today's blog entry is what Kevin said to me this morning as we were getting ready for school. He thinks he's so funny and creative coming up with these random things in the morning. He tells me something new that I look or smell like each day. Today's was my favorite. And by the way, he also likes to call me "chubs" and let me know I'm getting fat.

Being that we are in Hungary, my blog info and directions are in Hungarian on the internet. I am learning some new Hungarian words this way, although I have no idea how to pronounce them. I am also learning by trial and error when I click on links to learn what those words are in English.

Most of the students in my class do not know American money. Many of them don't even know what the coins are, and the majority of them at least have no clue how much they are worth. It makes sense as to why, but it is still nonetheless interesting.

Hungary has so many selections of juice. And they're all so good! A new one I tried, which I learned I need to mix with a little water because it is quite potent, is strawberry. Yummy!

I spelled the restaurant we went to with supporters last night incorrectly. It is KRAPAJ. I apologize. At least I pronounced it correctly, although none of you can hear me saying it...

Indoor recess with 10 kids isn't so bad. I dreaded those days in the States, but here, it's much more low key with so few students, and unlike the States, I am allowed to leave the room as the one teacher or parent on duty comes around to check on the students.

I spilled some water down the front of me today, and usually it would just flow right off. Now my growing belly stops it. I got up and realized it after someone looked at me weird for having all sorts of wet spots on my shirt.

Several teachers and even a few students have stopped me today to tell me that I look so cute in my top. I definitely look and feel more pregnant in this than in anything else I have worn. I didn't even start wearing any maternity clothes until last month, so I didn't see any point in spending lots of money on clothes for my 6th-9th months. So get used to seeing this because I don't own that many maternity clothes!


Aimee said...

Can I just say that your blog title today made me crack up because all I could think was, "sounds like something Kevin would say..." and then you went on to say that he WAS the one who said it!! :) We're praying for you guys daily and love reading your updates. Shane started classes today and I attended chapel with him this morning. I LOVE Asbury :) Miss you and love you guys!!

Kevin said...

See, your blog site is dumb because mine is always in English. I can't even understand what I'm supposed to do on your comment page. And if Kim can tell you to stick out your stomach for a picture than I can call you chubs.
I've never heard anyone tell a woman to stick out her stomach.