Friday, September 7, 2007

more random thoughts from this week

Tis the weekend... YEAH!

So many plans and can't do them all. And yet I just want to sleep and relax and not have to do anything. I have school work to do as well, and we might be going to a Hungarian wedding with Nusi. That cracks me up because who gets invited last minute to a wedding by someone they don't know? I guess it's because there are a bunch of people from past student exchanges who I know that will be there, and they all want to see us. That should be fun!

The weather has changed... It went from 100 degrees two weeks ago to barely reaching 50! We haven't figured out how to turn on the heat, and until two nights ago, we didn't have any blankets either. I froze. Until we get back to IKEA, we are now borrowing the White's down comforter. It is so warm underneath the covers, and I am glad I don't have to get out of bed early tomorrow and freeze so soon.

Jesus just walked by the window. We call the town stray dog Jesus because he is always with us. :)

I said the word "cookie" in class this week. Of course the American kids thought nothing of it, but I definitely got the attention of those who speak Hungarian. I said it on accident and realized it as soon as I did. It means a male private part in Hungarian, so we have been warned several times never to ask someone at the store where the "cookies" are. Ha ha!

I went to another new grocery store with Kim... Cora. It was nice, but I needed more time in there. Grocery shopping takes a long time because you can't read anything. I don't know what the words say in the aisles to know if I need to go down it, and then I can't read what it says on the package unless there is some random English word or a picture I can see. I look like a dork with my little translator sheet, but at least I know what I'm buying now that someone gave me that. Mainly I just experiment by buying various things, writing it down if I like it or if I don't so that I know if I should buy it again. There will be no such thing as a quick run to the store for quite some time.

Our bedroom window looks out into Diosd, and even from the bed, I can see the yellow church steeple rising above everything else. I forget that I'm in Europe, but every time I see that, my skin kind of tingles because it's right out of a magazine or movie. So pretty!

I am incredibly grateful to so many of the women here who have really been kind to me and have included me in everything. It's hard to leave friends and family behind, plus everything else you know and love and are comfortable with, but I am adjusting, thanks to them. Kevin and I have been invited over by the singles, the couples, and the families. We kind of cross over into every group some way or another, mainly because we are both just young and will soon have a kid, so everyone just includes us. Plus, we're just awesome! Just kidding...

I really want Pizza Hut pizza. They no longer deliver out here, so I have to go into Budapest to get it. I am super bummed about that because the other pizza places around here just aren't that great. They skimp on the cheese! We are trying to figure out how we might be able to eat at Pizza Hut tomorrow before or after the wedding. I will write and let you know.

Have a great weekend!!!

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