Monday, September 3, 2007

no hot water

Yesterday was just an off day in all regards.

First, we woke up to get ready for church and discovered that we had no hot water. I was dismayed but thought that it must just be taking a long time to warm up. Nope! Our pilot light had gone out, and we were without any hot water. Now I like to be clean and shower every day. It's not so bad anymore now that the temperature has dropped, but I like to stay clean. Again, Kim was still in Macedonia, so we couldn't call her to figure out what to do. I figured that I would just try to light the pilot light myself. How difficult could that be?!

After almost 20 whole minutes of trying, I was out of patience and afraid I had let so much gas leak out that our house would soon blow up. There were some pictures on the knob, so I followed what I thought should be done in order to turn the pilot light back on. Why wasn't it working?! I was frustrated, and now we didn't have enough time to get ready to go to church. Whittington called to tell us what time she'd pick us up, and we told her our problem. She offered to drop off a key to her house so that we could shower there while they were at church, and then she called back to say that the school had locker rooms with showers we could use. At least I could shower one way or another!

We crawled back into bed and watched an episode of "The Office" on our laptop, and those always make me laugh. Before I headed over to the school to shower, I decided to try it one last time. I had Kevin watch to see if what I was doing made sense, but suddenly this time when he was there, it worked! We had our pilot light back on!!! It took a couple hours for our water to heat back up, but it did and we were happy. We did it all by ourselves! There is such a sense of accomplishment in doing it on our own.

Kevin went to school to do some work before playing basketball in the afternoon. I did another load of laundry and stuff before I headed over. And then I got sick again. I think it must be a bug I got because I just kept on puking. I was really doing fine on Saturday (other than the sore throat) after Friday's puking, and now it was back. I had work I had to get done at school, so I still went over later in the evening and got some things done, at least the things I needed done. I didn't sleep well last night at all, and so this morning was rough. I don't feel like I'm going to be sick at all, but I just feel tired and lousy.

But we have dinner tonight at the Krappai at 7:00. A group from my old church where I grew up is here in Hungary this week to do some work at a church/ministry center in Budapest called Kegy. They are one of our supporting churches, and they wanted to come see us and how we are plus take a tour of the school. We are looking forward to this time with them! I thought that was so kind and thoughtful of them.

So if you read this and think of it, would you pray that I would be feeling better? It is tough to teach and then have the energy to go back out and entertain tonight when you just feel sick. I really can't complain because I have had a really healthy and easy pregnancy. I just don't know if my body is still trying to adjust to everything, but it is not fun. Anyway, any and all prayers for me would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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