Sunday, September 30, 2007

a big fat no

Tis the last day of September, and we sent out our first official email update to all of our supporters yesterday. Let me know if you want to receive it and currently are not.

But I have had SO many people email or comment on my blog about wanting to see a good pregnant picture of me. I must say a big fat no to that. Other people may do as they please and post as they want, but I will not be posting any pregnant belly pictures of me on the internet for anyone in the world to see. Although I dearly love and am grateful for you faithful readers and supporters, I don't plan to do that. It's different if I'm just in the picture and whatnot, but I'm not going to be turning to the side for anyone to snap a picture. Just know that my belly is sticking out with only 9 weeks to go.

As a matter of fact, my ELL students were learning opposites last week in ELL class, and when they got to fat/thin, they said, "Mrs. Yaiko!" The ELL teacher worked on telling them that I am having a baby, which is different. I took no offense to their comment and actually thought it was funny. Kevin calls me chubs all the time. If however in a year from now these kids and Kevin are calling me plump, then I might not be so happy.

And we would love to post more pictures in general, but if you read the blog entry about our hard drive crashing, you will understand why at this point in time we are unable to get pictures off our camera. All of those programs were on our laptop, which is currently "dead" until we receive our new hard drive in December. So we apologize and ask you to be patient. We would love to share those things with you as it makes it seem more real, but we don't have the capabilities to do that at this point in time.

Happy last day of September. Can't believe tomorrow is October. Yeah!


Audrey said...

I accept that big fat no! We are just so thankful that you are healthy and at peace about having Baby Yaiko in Budapest. Love to you from me, my family, and my church in central Illinois.

Kristin said...

I definitely understand your desire to not post pictures of yourself online...I wouldn't want to either. I do just have to warn you that you are going to want pictures of yourself pregnant in the future, so take some for yourself and Kevin and of course your mom. I wish that I had taken that advice from people and I thought they were crazy so I didn't do it. It is fun to look back on though.
I am glad that you and the baby are doing well. I love the updates!

Kevin said...

The key words are big and fat.

Aimee said...

I will admit... I'd love to see some pregnant pictures of you (just cause I know you're so cute!), but I totally understand your desire for privacy. And I hope you smacked Kev for saying his little comment here ;) Hope you guys are having a great time together and I'm glad you're feeling well!

Boo Boo's Mom said...

I guess I'm not supportive like Kristin and Audrey- I don't accept that big fat no.
Just kidding- you do owe me ONE picture...because I emailed you one of me.
Love you :)