Saturday, September 29, 2007

it is a small world after all

So I went to the movies this afternoon for the first time with some girl friends. Had a fun time and almost forgot I was in Hungary since the American movies are obviously in English. The movie had Hungarian subtitles, and I found myself reading them a lot to see if I could learn some new words. It's funny to see how a whole sentence in English can be said in one word in Hungarian and vice versa.

Afterward, we headed to the grocery store at the mall where the movie was, and we were stopped by some other Americans with another mission board there, who knew the girls I was with because they're from the same mission. Then one woman looks at me and says, "Wait, I know you. Where have we met?" After a few minutes, we realized that we had met at the EV Free Church of CL when we both went before the mission board there seeking support. So amazing and neat to run into someone half way around the world. It is a small world after all!

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