Sunday, June 24, 2007

17 weeks

So here is the picture we have of our new edition to the family, ETA December 1, 2007! Just thought we'd share it with our friends and family. We have our next ultrasound in four weeks!

By the way, his or her head is on the left. Some of you could probably figure it out already, but just in case... :)

Also, we are in NY for the next few weeks for some training. We hope to see everyone when we get back and before we leave for good!


Jenny Sanders said...

Congratulations!!! We are praying for a healthy baby!! I can't believe you are 17 weeks along. That is almost half way!!! We are so happy for you both. Kyle thought the picture of the baby was so cool!

Take care
The Sanders

cmiracle said...

Hey! You do realize that you are due THE DAY BEFORE ME! If you'll still be in the states, you might be at the same hospital with me! How crazy! Congratulations! Have a great time in NY. :)

Christa Wilson

Mommee and Her Boys said...

WHAT???! I had no idea!! Did you know about this when we saw each other at Meijer?! And I was telling you all of the scary pregnancy horrors?!?! I'm sorry I told you those stories! haha


Babies are wonderful. Hope you're feeling well!

Aunt Stefanie said...

Hello niece or nephew!!!! :)

Now Daniel has a normal cousin!!!! :) hahaha....

Mom & Dad said...

So I guess the trip to Hungary will be moved up a few months for mom & me! I've been told by those who have seen the ultrasound that the baby looks just like me! Love, Dad

Jill said...

KRISTEN! You were pregnant when I came to see you at school, and I had NO idea! :) You will be such a wonderful mom. I'm so happy for you and Kevin! Being parents is so fun.
Love, Jill