Friday, June 22, 2007

a very cool story

Here is an email I received this morning from one of my friends (Holly) who is a missionary teacher in Peru. This story means so much to me because I know her and love her so much, and she is one of the most God-fearing young women I know. She truly amazes me, and her stories of her life and ministries in Peru never disappoint. This was such encouragement to me, and I hope it will be the same to you as well. Enjoy!


Dear Loving Friends and Family,

I just want to briefly share a story of something that happened last week. I hope it blesses you as much as it has been a blessing for me.

Last Friday afternoon Jorge had two men come to his house to buy his Bass guitar and his amplifier (not the churches, although his stuff is the churches in a sense because he uses it all there). The amplifier that he had was a little bit too big for the church (the power that it was capable of or something like that) and the bass guitar that he had was a good one but because he isn´t sure what the future will hold and because if we end up coming to the states we wanted to have a bass guitar that was fretless so that it would be easier for someone else to come in and take over for Jorge in his music ministry when and if God moves him out of Peru and our church here for a time (whenever that is or if ever that is:).

In a nutshell, he wanted better stuff for the needs of the church. Anyway, he sold it via a form of Ebay that we have here in Peru (that isn´t as secure as you will soon find out). Anyway, the guys gave him a pretty good price for his equiptment ($450) and that same evening Jorge and I went in search for the new stuff that we could use in the church. We found a great deal and it added up to be about the amount of money he had sold his other stuff for. When we went to pay at the store. The guy receiving the money looked at Jorge and said,"What are you trying to pull here buddy, your money is false!". Every last dollar of the money was false! Praise the Lord the store manager believed us in the end that Jorge had just that same day been ripped royally and praise the Lord they discovered it while Jorge and I were still in the store before we took our purchase.

To say the least it was such a frustrating and I think I can say devastating experience. And of course all the personal info (like names, telephone numbers)that the guys gave Jorge who bought his stuff from him was false so there was nothing that we could do, in the states, yes, here unfortunately no. God gave Jorge so much calmness in dealing with the issue. He not once complained, why me!? He only accepted it as all being under God's supervision and even prayed for the salvation of the men who tricked him as we rode home in the taxi. He realized that he now had nothing, as far as music. No bass guitar, no amplifier and of course he didn't have the money to even think of buying new stuff.

Sunday morning was a bit difficult for Jorge and I because Jorge could not participate in the worship service as he normally does, playing obviously, even though he still helped out by working the sound from the back. We just stood there worshiping with the rest and as I glanced at Jorge I saw tears running down his face. I think some of the frustration was just sort of hitting him. His passion is worshiping God through his musical talents and he felt so helpless I think.

Anyway, Sunday night I called my parents to wish my dad a Happy Father's Day and I told my mom what happened. She then proceeded to tell me that just that same day, someone had given her a $500 check for Jorge to use in his ministries (this person had no idea of what had just happened that Friday). I just could do nothing but cry when my mom told me this and it still brings tears to my eyes. God is SO AMAZING!!! He is such an amazing provider. And he provided more than what was "robbed" from Jorge. I love how lots of times God gives us tests just to bless our socks off in the end as we trust Him throughout the test. When I told Jorge, he was just sort of speechless. Tuesday, Jorge went to buy the new stuff for the church with this person´s gift. Our church now has a bass guitar and a new amplifier and it ended up costing less then what the original bargain was. The same store manager who recognized the fake money was so touched by Jorge's story he gave him an even better deal.

This week Jorge has been able to use his story to witness to many people in his institute and taxi drivers and his friends. Satan thought he had gotten Jorge but Jorge only used it to glorify God.

Well, anyway. All that to say, thank you for your continued prayers for Jorge and I. God is listening to them and I just love serving such an amazing God who is just full of wonderful suprises!

Many Blessings!


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