Monday, June 25, 2007

western new york

Things I have missed about western New York:
1. Beautiful hills and scenery
2. The Amish
3. Genuinely nice people

Things I have not missed about western New York:
1. The slowest drivers in the world! (no joke)
2. Ridiculously high gas prices (higher by about 40 cents)
3. All the smells that come from no where

Going back to your old college after many years is interesting. Kevin and I snooped around this afternoon to discover all that has changed since we graduated.
1. They added a whole new floor to one building, and connected it to another building via a walkway in the air!
2. They changed the names of several buildings.
3. They completely redid the chapel -- looks MUCH nicer now!
4. They took out an entire road, which is now covered over with grass and a nice sidewalk. You'd never know there was a road there before.
5. New school of theology added.
6. New elevator that students can actually use!
7. They are in the process of redoing the Campus Center, but that won't be done for us to see while we are here. It's just a huge mess now.
8. They went to wireless internet on the campus, so I can do email and all of that from anywhere...very cool!

So it's been interesting thus far. We've met some really neat people, one girl who is going to ICSB too! We have intense training ahead, so I will probably go to bed super early because each day begins super early. Well, I guess nothing starts as early as the time I left for school this year, but it's summer and I'm not used to getting up that early anymore. Oh well. More to come later!

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