Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I have started blogging a couple times and have been interrupted for one reason or another and just haven't come back to do it. And I keep thinking that I should start one and finish it later, but then I come back to it not in the same train of thought...so I start over again. I guess this one will just be random tidbits.

1. We love Johnny's Bistro. It's a new little American restaurant that opened up in Diósd this summer, and it is fantastic. It's affordable, super close, and serves great food. They actually have good burgers, a rare commodity in Hungary to say the least. I never ordered burgers when we lived in America. And now, it's all I think about when we go home and out to eat! It's amazing what you suddenly appreciate when you don't have it. But now that we have Johnny's, I might not be in such a hurry to have my first meal from Red Robin. :)

2. I am just loving our study of Ephesians. This week in particular I was really convicted about what unity looks like and what I do or don't do to be unified in the body of Christ. John MacArthur (yes, him again, going through his whole sermon series on Ephesians, and it's great!) said this about unity that has stuck with me: "The way to stimulate unity in the church is by a faithful ministry of your gifts to the other members. The way to stimulate unity in the church is by getting involved so that what you are in the Spirit of God and what you are by the saving grace of Jesus Christ can make a contribution to what somebody else needs." Never thought of unity in that way before really.

3. Another thing that I have been learning through many studies on the books that Paul wrote but specifically in Ephesians now is that mental comprehension is essential before spiritual application. We can't renew our minds and live our lives to look more like Christ if we really don't understand things first. Paul taught the foundations and made sure (through lots of repetition) that they understood it, and then he prayed for them and that they would be transformed by these things. And I have been thinking that as a parent as well. My children need to know and understand things before they can apply them to their lives. My head sometimes hurts with the thoughts of all that I am doing wrong or not doing enough of, and I am so grateful that God is gracious despite what I do wrong!

From last month when it was a lot warmer :)
4. Seth seems to ask all of these deep theological questions at bedtime. And I really don't think it's to stall...and well, if it is, then he sure has fooled me! We do talk a bit because I don't want to always brush him off just because it's bed time, and it seems then that his mind is wondering about things the most. But trying to explain the concept of the Trinity at bedtime to an almost 5 year old (yes, almost five, where did the time go?!!!) is next to impossible. And tonight he was asking about why people who don't love Jesus go to hell, well, not really why they go to hell but why don't they love Jesus in the first place. And before I could say anything, he said, "I think it's because they want to be like God. They want to make all the decisions, and they don't like it when they aren't getting to do everything their way." Seriously, that's what he said. Bingo, buddy.

Typical Europe...big old beautiful churches that my kids run around (in our town!)
 5. And also, Seth has been thinking through why we live in Hungary and has been asking a lot of questions in regards to this. Why do we live in Hungary? How much longer are we going to live in Hungary? How will you know when God tells us to move? Did you know that some kids live near their grandparents and can see them all the time without having to go on lots of airplanes? Wouldn't it be great if we could live by our grandparents? Wouldn't it be cool to live in places like America where there aren't gates and fences at every house? And the list goes on and on. And he asks these things all of the time. I don't know what caused all of this other than that maybe he is old enough now to understand. Kate doesn't really understand any of it yet, but Seth does. And he has suddenly been concerned about how long we are going to live here and what will happen next. I told him that God told us he wants us here and that we will be here until he tells us to go somewhere else. And what next? Well, we will have to wait for God to tell us! He keeps asking when we will know. And I'm not saying this just to make the grandparents feel better, but he sure is having a hard time being so far away from them right now. Oh, that precious boy!

Kate and I rode on public downtown one day. She was so sweet!

6. Not to leave Kate out... She is hilarious (and sweet!). I don't think a few hours go by without me laughing about something she has said or done. She is starting to get at that age when she realizes she can be funny and then can try too hard, which of course isn't funny. But when she isn't trying, she seriously makes us laugh. One of our favorite questions to ask her is "Why, Kate?" And she always says, "Betuz..." and then usually her answer made absolutely no sense in regards to the question, but now she is getting better at it. And her reasoning behind things is hysterical. I wish I could get inside her brain.

Back from immigration...with a dinosaur drawing and a stick.

7. We went to immigration two weeks ago to reapply for a new residency permit for Seth. As always, nothing is as quick and easy as it should be, but we walked out with the hope of receiving his new visa in two more weeks. If not, I signed a document saying we would have to leave the Schengen Region of the EU. Not anticipating having to do that, but I don't remember having to sign a paper like that before. Maybe I did though. It's been awhile. But while we sat in immigration for hours upon hours (no joke), I had a lot of time to think more about Ephesians and that we are all heirs of God's kingdom, that we are no longer foreigners, that we already belong! How wonderful! And that I did nothing for it...all a gift because of God's love for us and because of his grace.

8. We bought a new vehicle last month!!! We didn't have a car our first year, bought a car for $500 off of a family moving back that lasted the next two years, and then we didn't know what we were going to do. And then a family was going back to the US to raise support and asked us if we wanted to borrow their car for the year they were gone. Amazing answer to prayer! Well, that one year turned into a little more than two years. We started looking at cars last spring, and we were discouraged. We knew we wanted a van if possible because with kids' car seats, we really can't fit anyone else in our car. And we are the only ones in our mission with a car, making it kind if difficult to help others sometimes. But the prices of vans are astronomical. After saving for the last few years, the kind of van we could afford was too old and had too high of mileage to be able to drive without having to pay for lots of repairs. Very discouraging. And then a family here had to move back to the US earlier than they had planned and was selling their van...and for much less than we had saved. Of course the van is older and has a ton of miles, but we have been slowly fixing the things that need fixing to make it last. And we had extra savings to do that thanks to the low selling price. So grateful for the Lord's continual provision in our lives. SO grateful.

Seth really wanted to hold the youngest of their three children, Analisse!

9. Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of getting together with a family who is in the process of support raising to come minister at ICSB. They came to visit and check it out, and we got together. Actually, we have been emailing back and forth for about a year and a half now, so it was a pleasure to finally meet and chat in person. For some reason I have been the contact person for families moving here with young children. I have talked with so many, whether or not they are coming to the school. I feel like I don't have much to offer, but I am glad to be of help. Navigating some of these things can be tricky, but I feel like it has gotten easier over the years. I'm sure there are many factors contributing to that, but again, overwhelmed by God's provision for us all of these years.

Seth took this picture with my phone of Tina and me planning over the weekend!
10. I have been having lots of fun planning things for my dearest friend Audrey who is getting married two months from tomorrow(!!!). I wish more than anything that I could be in Illinois for her wedding, but tickets are too much. I will be there in spirit. :) I will be throwing a reception for Eric and her when they return in January, with plenty of help from others but mainly the other high school English teacher Tina. Really excited for them! And because my kids have always lovingly called her Uncle Audrey, her fiance is now called Auntie E. It confuses some people, but it works for us. We love Uncle Audrey and Auntie E!

I think ten tidbits are enough for now. I'm surprised if anyone is still reading, especially my sister. Do you appreciate the pictures I put in there? Congrats for making it through. :)


Andrea said...

For the record I read every single word!

Mom Y. said...

I actually remembered to check your blog! I love that the kids are beginning to ask thoughtful questions about God. What a privilege to share with them and see how open and trusting children are. So thankful they have a mom who loves the Lord and who is willing to keep learning and growing too.