Wednesday, March 7, 2012

who said?

I have thought about posting on here a few times (even started a post but obviously never finished), and here we are at almost another month between posts. Remember how I used to blog 5 times a week or so? Now I'm happy if I blog a couple times a month! Wow!

I was chatting with someone not so long ago about this. I think a large part of lack of blogging is due to the fact that we've lived here 5 years now. Things that were once different and blog-worthy no longer seem so. What was once "strange" is now "normal." I used to think of things throughout the day that I could blog about, and now, I rarely do. Granted my demands as mom are quite different now with much less time to do these things as well. :)

Onto some favorite quotes of the week. Who said the following, Seth or Kate?
"My cup smells like poop in there. Can I have a new one? Please?"
"My tush hurts. I need some Butt Paste please."
"That was immature, Dad." (quoting what was said earlier in the evening)
"What's that guy's name?" [Kevin tells the name.] "Nope, that's not his name."
"Mom's favorite drink is poop."
"That was just funny the first time, Mom."
"Bite, chew, and then swallow, Dad."

Seth woke up crying at 2 a.m. last night (1:47 to be exact, as one always looks at the clock when awakened by one's child in the middle of the night and wondering what time it could possibly be). And he was like really crying. I ran in there to see what was the matter.
"What's the matter, buddy? Are you okay? Are you sick?"
[sobbing] "Mommy, I really want a kitty."
[realizing he's not even awake] "Okay, buddy, we'll talk about a cat tomorrow. Lay down and go back to sleep."
[Seth crashes to the pillow.]
[Ten minutes later, more crying...]
"What is it this time? What's the matter, Seth?"
[still crying but not sobbing anymore] "And an eagle, I really want an eagle, too."
"Okay, buddy, we'll chat about the eagle, too. Goodnight."
And that was the end.
The cat wouldn't make it too long with an eagle around, but I didn't have the heart to tell him that.
(By the way, he never asked about the cat or the eagle today.)

Oh and although it's been a month, the varsity boys ended up winning the annual tournament we hosted last month. I will get on Facebook and steal ask to use pictures that other people took of the weekend. It was a blast, and although we were thinking that we wouldn't pull out a final victory, we managed to. (I can say "we" because even though I don't play on the team, I am the coach's wife and feel very much like the team is mine, too!) It was a really fun time, no cooking required for me thanks to the junior class providing yummy meals for a fundraiser, and the kids had a blast, too. Congrats Bulldogs!

Kevin was in Vienna last weekend for a DVAC (Danube Valley Athletic Conference) tournament, which they won without any bit of struggle. This weekend Kevin heads to Salzburg for the season's third and final tournament. Then the season is officially over! I have to say that it seemed to go by quickly this year, as opposed to years past.

And things are changing here in Hungary. As of March 1, there are now only 32 recognized religious denominations in this country (out of about 300). Our church, like many other Protestant/Evangelical denominations did not make the cut. I know that our church is on the "short list" to go before the government for approval to be legally recognized as a church. I haven't heard any news on that in the past couple of weeks, but I will update when I hear. A friend wrote on Facebook, "I believe this to be a turning point for Hungary in the persecution of the church and consequently rejoice in a much anticipated advance of the gospel. Please pray for these churches and their leaders to persevere in the faith."

I have a lot of pictures I have taken (mainly with my phone since I usually have it on me!) that I want to post, but it is now my bedtime. So I leave you with this one:

You can see just how excited they are to be wearing their new rubber boots. Kate's boots have butterflies on them, and Seth has pirates. We got snow, and then it all melted, leaving behind lots of puddles and mud. The ground is pretty dry now, but with spring comes rain, and that means the puddles and mud will be back. And now the sweet old Hungarian ladies will be happy to see that my children are properly dressed to go walking about. This is truly a big deal here, and the kiddos are certainly THRILLED to wear these boots...or rather "boops" as Kate calls them. :)

Oh, and ALL of those quotes above were said by Kate. Yes, Kate. She is a funny one and surely keeps us on our toes!


Michelle and Justin said...

That Kate is HILARIOUS!!! Loved seeing ya'll was a nice surprise for me. :)

Jessica Heights said...

"My mom's favorite drink id poop...LOL!!!!"