Thursday, February 9, 2012

let it snow

Fresh baked bread? Yes please! Although, I should note that these loaves of bread are 2-3 kilos each (4.4-6.6 lbs). They are HUGE and cost less than $2 now. Oh how I love bread in Europe!

So it started snowing on Saturday and all day Sunday, and we got about 6 inches. It always seems to come on the weekend when we're not going to get a snow day out of it!

But it was as the snow was falling that I realized we don't own a shovel. We didn't need one at our first flat, our landlord left all of that stuff for us to use at the second house, and we haven't had enough snow to require one since we moved into this house. But then I looked out the window and saw my sweet old neighbor man sweeping his sidewalk with a broom. The snow couldn't be that wet if he was sweeping it with a broom.

So I went to town with a broom. Granted it took a lot longer because I had to sweep away 6 inches of snow before seeing sidewalk, but the clean brick beneath begged me to keep going. (Seth also informed me when I "missed a spot." So helpful.) And then I ended up doing everything in brick within our gate but our little "patio" at the side of the house.

This two way street can barely fit two cars when there isn't snow, and they still only plow enough room for one car.

And as we were walking to our friend Timi's house to play today, I chuckled because the sidewalks around here look way better than the roads. They should pay the neighbors to take care of the portion of the street in front of their house rather than pay the plow to come through! Perhaps though it's because the sidewalks NEED to be cleared since so many people walk. I wish I would have taken a picture of some of the sidewalks. So nice. Anyway, thanks to hours of sweeping, our sidewalk, walkway, and driveway are looking awesome. :)

Kate, after finally being healthy, helped me bake cookies last week. Licking the spatula from the peanut butter was her favorite. :)

Hopefully some updates and pictures coming as the annual ICSB basketball tournament starts tonight! Here's to a fun-filled, action-packed, sugar high weekend...and oh yeah, lots of basketball. Go Bulldogs!

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