Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"why is Jesus such a nice guy?"

So, while we did go to the zoo last week and had a fabulous time with Michelle and her two boys, I am unable to get the videos I took onto this blog. I thought that would be a nice change of pace since I haven't been able to post videos on here before because of several factors. I can get the sound on my videos to work but not the pictures. So, I will somehow figure that out. Hopefully. :)

And the last week has been one email or phone call after another trying to figure out about our shipment of our belongings arriving in Hungary. It has been one long and painful process, and I thought today was to be the end of it all.

But as usual, I was wrong.

Well, all of our stuff is currently sitting in our garage, but we aren't allowed to touch it. The whole system makes no sense to me. The most frustrating part is that everyone who has been involved in the shipment of our stuff from my parents garage in Chicago to our garage here in Diósd has messed up. And now we have to pay for all of their mistakes, much less all of the things that were damaged (oh yeah, now we get to do battle with the insurance company!). It has been most frustrating, and there is no end in sight when this will all be made right.

I wish I were making this up.

I am grateful for the conversations I have had today with my sister, my mom and dad, Kevin's mom, and a few friends who have encouraged me and cried with me in frustration. I realize that this is all just "stuff" and has no bearing on eternity and our communion with God forever, but these things from home are special to me and will continue to help make this house, this country, feel more like home until the Lord calls us back there one day...or just takes us up to heaven at his return, which is our real home and is what I would prefer. :)

Seth was asking some questions about this whole process tonight, and we were talking about how Jesus is the one who can fix it even though we don't know how. His response was, "Why is Jesus such a nice guy?!" Love that kid. :) So we are praying for that miracle to happen. I realize it may not, but I am praying that it will. Either way, the Lord knows. We do have birthday and Christmas gifts in there, so I am praying that if the miracle doesn't happen in the next few days that this will all be taken care of in the next month and a half before Kate's birthday...and without any more things being damaged. Thank you for praying with us!


Katie said...

Don't you just love the comments that kids come up with? Addie asked me if Jesus goes to work the other day :)

Doug said...

We prayed for a miracle last night! Love you guys

Jill said...

I love how real you are, Kristen. You are a genuine woman of God who has fears, frustrations and questions, but you turn it all back to God. I rejoice with you over the letter we received from you today that you are now unpacking the boxes! Can you hear the "woohoo" coming from Minnesota? :)
Love, Jill

elvin said...

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