Monday, October 17, 2011

moved in...for the most part

Trying something I haven't done in awhile... a post with pictures!

(I'll wait while everyone cheers. Yeah!)

Many prayers answered last week, one of which was that we were finally allowed to open our boxes and move our belongings into our home. They still have not called to tell us that our paperwork is done, but I am so grateful that they didn't make us wait. The paperwork is all messed up, and we have discovered that it all depends on the person we talk to that day and their mood as to how things are looking for us. So far it has been working to our advantage but that could change at any moment. I'm just glad that out of the 72 boxes we had (plus furniture and numerous other items), I have unpacked about 55 of those. Our kitchen has been rearranged three times in the last week, and although I thought I was done, I am pretty sure it will have to be rearranged one last time as I am discovering already some changes I need to make for practicality. This is a good problem to have. :)

Seth was so excited to try out the new bike! The seat has since been adjusted. :)

I have loved unpacking boxes of decorations, although I realize that I have to do things differently now. In the States, I didn't have children and could therefore put anything where I wanted. But now, with children, I have to rethink some things. At least our dining room table is cleared off now, even though the placement of some beloved pieces will most likely have to move before little ones destroy them. I am super excited to put up artwork and do a gallery wall up the stairs (or so that is my plan!). We are waiting to hear from insurance on one major thing before some of that is done as the living room might be rearranged. Oh what fun it has been!

Kate's "cheese" face in her little car. Happy girl!

One of my favorite things though is our room. We gave our old bed away to someone who needed it, and now we have our new bed, complete with box springs and a wonderful mattress. The kids immediately noticed how high our bed is now (Europeans don't do box springs or queen mattresses) and that the bed looks like "Chocolate Grandma's." When asked why, Seth said it was because of all of the pillows. Kevin said, "They're two peas in a pod, buddy." Glad to be in the same pod with my mom. ;)

More of Kate's cheese face as she "smiles" in her little chair, which was given to me when I was teaching by a family who made it for their littlest girl whom I had in second grade. And now years later, here sits my little girl in it!

The other part of the room that makes me smile is our rug. It was the one from my parents' family room that they didn't need anymore, so I asked my mom if I could have it for our room. Amazing how our room no longer sounds hollow, and it is much quieter. Between the nice big bed and the cozy rug, our room instantly looks much warmer. It is a complete disaster in every other regard, but our bed sure does look nice. :) And it is heavenly to sleep on. Ahhh...

Seth helps Kevin make our traditional Sunday night homemade pizza. They were the first to use this mixer that I got for a steal this summer. I am so excited to have it here and use it, as I have gone through 3 mixers here already! Christmas baking here I come!

Seth also got a new bed that we had purchased at a garage sale this summer. Kate will be taking his old bed when she transitions in the upcoming months. He never had bedding for his twin bed before, and so I got him some this summer as well. It, too, looks so nice. And he LOVES his new bed. Someone gave us two twin box springs as well, so our kids will have "tall" beds. It is funny these little things they notice, things that are different for them since they have only known life here really. They think having to actually climb up onto a bed is "so cool." Ha ha.

I was going to end with a video of the kids from two weeks ago in the bathtub. (I finally got the picture to work and not just the sound!) They had mohawks and were singing "Happy Birthday," which is their favorite song since my nephew Daniel's 5th birthday party back in August. (And yes, Kate actually has enough hair now to make the thinnest mohawk ever.) But after waiting 50 minutes, my video will not upload to the blog. And I need to go to bed now... So I will try again another day. :) Sorry.

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