Monday, August 15, 2011

home again, home again, jiggity jig

I am pretty sure I have been the worst blogger since leaving to go back to the States in mid-May. It is now mid-August, and I am sitting back here in Hungary on my living room couch. Where did the time go?! I remember sitting on the plane in May, telling myself not to blink or else our time with family and friends in America would be over. Well, guess what? I blinked!

Despite my family giving me a hard time for my lack of blogging over the summer, I just didn't do much of it because we were enjoying our time home so much. I told them that I could either be on the computer blogging or be with them. I chose the latter.

But now we are back and readjusting to life here. Although we miss everyone, I would be lying if I said it wasn't good to be back home. Sleeping in our own beds and not living out of suitcases is wonderful. The kids are glad to recognize the life they know, and it blesses my heart that they still ask and talk about their family back home. Ah, good times. :)

Our flights home were uneventful. Praise the Lord! They had separated Kevin from the kids and me on both flights. I was pretty frustrated because I spent two hours on the phone with a Delta rep last March to make sure that she got us all together. Apparently she did not. But we are grateful for the woman on our trans-Atlantic flight especially who willingly switched with Kevin. (And might I add that she switched with him to be next to a woman with a little baby on her lap!) The kids slept for hours on that flight, and that was a huge blessing. We are grateful for so many prayers said on our behalf.

As soon as we landed in Budapest, the first thing Seth said was, "We're home! Can we take a walk somewhere today, Mom?" And that we did. Besides our big grocery trip run, we have walked everywhere since we've been home. Seth is super happy about that. You may remember that he had a hard time adjusting to that back in May. And Zsolt was happily waiting for us when we went through customs, which went off without a hitch. (I always seem to be stopped and questioned through there.)

The kids have been sleeping so well. They slept 16 hours the first night back!!! And it's been 13-14 the other nights. I imagine we'll be back to normal sleeping hours in a couple more days. But I can't complain. They have been AMAZING! They transitioned to the US beautifully, and they are doing the same thing here. Pretty sure they do better than most adults. :)

So we hit the ground running. I have been trying to clean months of dust and dirt and cobwebs. I have vacuumed the entire house and washed the floors, although based on the look of the bottoms of our feet, it is going to take a few washings before they are actually clean! The house has been dusted, and almost all of the windows have been cleaned inside and out. I am feeling better now that some of that has been taken care of.

We had a bunch of the new staff over for dinner already. We are helping them get settled in and do anything they need. So glad to be able to help when for so long we needed help for everything! The kids have enjoyed the company, too. Perhaps they miss all of the attention from the summer. :)

I do promise to write more and post pictures, which I didn't do at all this summer. I have a lot of catching up to do with pictures. That will be fun. :) And you know our family will complain if we don't, so I'll try to work on that and be better at keeping up with the blog now that we're home.


Jill said...

Welcoome home, Kristen and family. It's hard on your family to have you go back, but it is good to know that the kids are happy and where they call "home". Yes, little ones adjust so much easier than adults do. :) Blessings as you get back into routine. We're blessed to be a new part of your mission!

Julie said...

welcome home, would love to see you!!! miss you friend and I understand about blogging, I just got caught up from the spring and did about 45 or so posts... but it feels sooo good to be caught up and DONE!