Tuesday, May 3, 2011

london is cool because they have swords

...according to Seth.

So I did watch the wedding last Friday. It was beautiful. I know there were tons of nay-sayers on Facebook about it last week, and although I did understand some of those, I loved all of it and watched it all. I was not bombarded with all of the pre-wedding stuff that those in America had to deal with, and maybe I might have been sick of it before the actual day had I lived there...but I doubt it. :)

My mom watched Prince Charles marry Diana when I was just a baby, and so I made sure that I got to watch this one with my own daughter. Of course she didn't care or understand it, but I captured the moment to show her when she is older.

Seth even watched a bit of it. He came running over when he heard the trumpets at one time and decided he wants to play them when he gets older. Fortunately his father can teach him that. :) He also decided he wants to "go there" because "the guys there have cool swords." I have only been through London four times but have never actually seen the sights. I hope to one day!

And now I am sick. Blech. Just praying that the kids don't get it. That would be awful for them because I feel yuck. And we all know what happens when Seth gets congested, and I certainly don't feel like cleaning up puke. At least I can't smell anything right now. ;)

(All pictures taken while watching the wedding. You can tell that Seth was more interested in his face making for the pictures than watching the wedding...you don't have to teach them these things...while Kate pretty much watched the computer screen.)


dewileonita said...

your youngest boy is very cute.. :)

MVVK said...

you people love your kids a lot :D