Monday, April 11, 2011


The weather has been nice and springlike these past few weeks. Thank you, Jesus! We have been taking advantage of all of the warm sunshine and going on really long walks every afternoon. They are building lots of new homes just a mile or two north of us up on the hill (it is SO windy up there!), so we like to go up there to see all of the trucks.

Past the new "neighborhood" is a walking bridge that goes over the M0 highway to the next town. Seth has especially enjoyed this and checking out even more trucks driving under us. They are also widening the highway here, so we have seen all sorts of construction vehicles, most of which I don't know the names. :)

Last week Seth decided that we should bring his "Trucks" book so that we could see how many we could find and look up the names of the ones we didn't know. Apparently my "drill digger" isn't the name of a real construction vehicle, although that's what it looked like to this momma.

Seth identifies a truck on the road as one on the cover of the book.

Seth loves this bridge!

Both kids love to run everywhere. :)

Kate is so proud standing there next to her big brother.

Of course by the time I got both of them looking at the camera at the same time, the smiles had worn off. :)

Pushing 50 lbs or so of kids up these hills every day has been killer! I am appreciating the exercise, and we are all enjoying being outside for awhile each day. The kids are starting to look "sunkissed," as someone mentioned at church yesterday, and I am starting to get raccoon eyes from my sunglasses. I am not complaining though! Sunshine and warm temps are such a wonderful thing. :)


Julie said...

So adorable! Asher loves to look up trucks in his books too. He also loves correcting me when I call them the wrong name! Kate is just adorable. :)

StormDesign said...

This ic so cute :)

Doug said...

Nice haircut Seth! Love you guys. Counting the days!!!!