Sunday, April 3, 2011

sweet stinker

My brother complained that I don't put up enough pictures, so here you go, Josh.

The weather has been in the 60's for a good two weeks now. Kate LOVES to be outside. (And disregard the fact that she's not wearing any pants in the picture. I am sure some old Hungarian lady or mother yelled at me for that.)

She is such a ham!

Taken to prove that she does have some more hair now, enough at least that will stick up when she puts her sticky peanut butter hands in her hair. :)

Kevin had asked Seth to set the table the other night. This is what he did. Fork? Check. Drink? Check. Candy bar? Check. I don't know what he was planning to eat on! We had gotten this candy bar at the little store the other day, and Seth asked if he could share it (there are two pieces inside) with Dad after dinner. I guess he was worried I would forget.

I have hardly taken any pictures, and as you can see, they have all been of Kate. There were a few of Seth in there, but they didn't turn out well.

And I have to say that I didn't know it was possible for a little girl to be SO sweet and also such a stinker at the same time. Sheesh! She certainly cracks us up. Kevin and I are confident that we are in for some trouble with her. But maybe not. ;)


Anonymous said...

yes...but a little disappointed, I expected more...but anyways, thanks!


Doug said...

Love your dinner Seth! Grandpa