Sunday, April 24, 2011


He has risen!

He has risen indeed!

Today is Az első Vidám Vasárnap. That translates to what we say is Resurrection Sunday, although directly translated, it means the first joyful Sunday. I love that! This truly is the first joyful Sunday as we worship a RISEN Savior. My eyes well up with tears!

Church service was beautiful today...and packed of course. :) We came home and finished getting things ready for the Langs to come over and celebrate the day with them. We had a wonderful lunch, and after nap time, we had an egg hunt outside.

Kate finds her first egg in her first egg hunt ever. Last year she wasn't even 5 months old!

Things only get better as she finds some plastic ones to shake!

Seth shows us his bag of eggs.

Kate didn't realize that the sound from shaking the eggs was because m&m's were in there. Seth had to show her...and then she got frustrated when I wouldn't allow her to eat every single one in every single egg.

Zach handed down his old big wheel to Seth this week. Thanks, Zach! Seth loves playing with the big boys, and they all are so kind to him.

That blue and white dress Kate is wearing is made here in Hungary in the town of Szentendre, just north of Budapest. (Mom and Dad, this was the town we rode the HÉV to and then took the boat cruise down the Danube back to Budapest.) It's a special blue dye they do, and they sell all sorts of stuff. I have loved those dresses ever since we moved here, and I was finally able to get one this past Christmas. They sell various styles, but the apron dress is my favorite. :)

My mom had actually sent Easter clothes for the kids, but alas, the package is lost in the mail somewhere between Chicago and Budapest. She had sent two packages, and we got the other one 12 days ago. But the one with their Easter clothes (and Kate's plane ticket for this summer, too!) is missing. Ugh. Oh well. Seth wore his Easter clothes from last year, and I remembered yesterday that I had this dress that I bought for her to wear this summer. So it's a little big on her, but it fit well enough. And I think she looks adorable in it!!!

Tomorrow is a holiday around here, as opposed to Good Friday. So Kevin has one more day at home before heading back to school to finish out the fourth quarter. I can't believe another school year is almost done. Wow.

I trust you all had a wonderful day celebrating Christ's resurrection and triumph over death! I anxiously await the day in heaven when we all will bow and worship Christ together!

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Stefanie Schocke said...

Love their sweet faces!