Wednesday, March 9, 2011

waiting on the washer

I feel like I'm always waiting for the laundry to finish so that I can hang it up to dry before I can go to bed. One might wonder why I wait until night to do it then...the electricity is less expensive. :) And a load of whites takes close to two hours, so it does make a difference! Call me crazy.

My mind is currently exploding with all of these thoughts that I am learning in my study of God's Word, and I am humbled to know that it is only because of his grace and mercy that I am saved. AH! So much in my head, and I have written and erased paragraphs countless times in this post because there is so much and it's not coming out in a clear and concise way. (Surprise, surprise!) Maybe one day I will be able to write it all out.

And the washer just stopped. I guess that should end my time for now. I am celebrating the big 3-0 a few months early over this long weekend! So excited! More details to come...


Mom Y. said...

Kristen you are so going to love Ann Voskamp's book! I'll get it for you for your birthday. Blessings on your trip to Paris.

leah said...

yeah for Paris!!