Tuesday, February 15, 2011

it's a girl! and another girl!

No, I am not pregnant with one or two girls.

Amidst the craziness of the basketball tournament this weekend, I got a phone call early Friday morning from my sister. It was a little after 1 a.m. her time, and thus it was after 8 a.m. here. She called because she wasn't sure if she was in labor, and everyone else there was sleeping and didn't want to wake them up if she wasn't. After talking with her a couple times over the next hour, I told her that she was indeed in labor and that she needed to wake up her husband and call my parents to come stay with her son Daniel while she went to the hospital. I bragged on my Facebook status that I got the call first! Being 7 hours ahead and wide awake has its good moments. :)

I came home after a morning of exciting basketball to several voice mail messages from family saying that my new niece Ashland had entered the world just an hour and a half after my sister arrived at the hospital. Good thing I told her that she was in labor or else Tim would have had to deliver her at home or in the car! (And good thing she didn't come during that blizzard!)

My sister has been so good at posting pictures for people like me who love her the most and live the furthest away and cannot see or hold her for another four months. *sniff* She is absolutely beautiful and oh so precious...and she'll have more hair than Kate in another week or so. ;) But that's not too difficult to do.

Happy aunt for a new niece. Sad aunt that I can't be around her for months. When I get depressed about these things, I remind myself that this life on earth is just a blink in comparison to eternity. So although it might be painful now, it won't matter for long.

And last night as I was headed to bed, Kim called because she wasn't sure if she was in labor either. I was pretty sure she was starting it all, and sure enough, I awoke to a message saying that they arrived at the hospital just 45 minutes before their new baby girl was born early this morning! I hope to hold baby Sienna very soon, and that will hopefully get me through this spring since she and my niece are only four days apart!

One really neat thing is that I woke up just before 1 a.m. this morning and felt an urge from the Holy Spirit to pray for Kim and Gary, that the Lord would give them wisdom to know when to go to the hospital. So I did that...and then went right back to sleep. Turns out they left shortly after that! I realize that my prayer was not super important to all of that taking place, but as I told my mom earlier, I smiled thinking that the Lord woke me up for that purpose.

We are watching their son Ethan for the next few days, and Seth and Ethan play so well together. Kate is really enjoying having him around, too. We put Ethan in our room during nap time today, but Seth and Ethan are in the same room for bed tonight. They went down easily, so we'll see how it goes tonight.

So if you are pregnant and getting close to your due date but aren't sure if you are in labor or not, give me a call (Michelle? I think you're next!). I'm good. ;)


Jessica Heights said...

Awwwww, congrats to your sister!

Michelle and Justin said...

Haha, thanks Kristen! I definitely know who to call now!:) But I think Gyongyver is next...in March. :)

Julie said...

Congrats on all the babies in your life! Miss Ashland looks so adorable from the facebook pictures that I have seen. I'm sure your mom is eating her up!