Wednesday, January 19, 2011

while i wait for the laundry

I am sitting here waiting for the washing machine to finish so that I can hang out the laundry to dry. So I thought I'd blog for just a minute.

John and Allie came over tonight. They are going with us to Rome, so we had a fun night talking about what we would like to see and do. Two things I have been told by multiple people are to watch your stuff (pick pocketing) and that there is a "sitting fee" to eat at a restaurant. That's right, a fee just to sit. Anyway, Allie's aunt used to live there and gave us all kinds of great information on what to see and do, plus gave us some of her old Italian maps and guides. We found our hotel on the map, and we are just a couple blocks from the Colosseum. That's right, THE Colosseum. I am so excited!

The Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, Vatican City, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, and so much more... :)

And a few pictures that are more than a week old, but that's all I got:

Kate obviously ate some form of chocolate. I don't remember what unfortunately, just that it was her first time. And that she looked so darn cute. :)

A Sunday evening all ready for bed, munching on a sajtos baguette. Seth calls it "cheese bread" (which is what it is) and asks for it every time we go to Interspar. And I buy it for him just about every time.

Did you notice what was on his head in the pictures? That would be the bloomers to Kate's dress from church. On his head.

Bunch of kids who were over eating pizza, chatting, and playing Hearts last week. (Dad, do you see your buddy Liz?!)

Tina was showing Seth how to play some game on her iPod while the others played cards. Seth had to show her a thing or two as well. :) Fun night. Love those kids.

And the washing machine is finished. Off to bed I go...after I hang it all up to dry. Goodnight!


Doug said...

I did see Liz! Give her my best!

Jessica Heights said...

LOL, I love the bloomers as a hat!

Stefanie Schocke said...

Just love those kids!!! I was wondering what was on his head :)

Doug said...

I'm with you Seth - I love the cheese bread!

Aimee said...

Hope you're having a BLAST on your trip!!!!! Super excited that you get to see such a wonderful, beautiful, historical place. Take lots of pictures so I can be jealous later. ;) LOVE YOU!