Saturday, January 1, 2011


Boldog Új Évet! Happy New Year!

We had a fun NYE going bowling at Mammut with the Myers family! Going with them made it super fun. We love that family. Leah was our babysitter before she graduated this past year, and now Hannah has become our babysitter. Caleb is Seth's favorite person in the whole world. :)

We haven't been bowling since we moved here. And this was Seth's first time. He LOVED it and now understands the concept better since he got a plastic bowling set for his birthday.

Trying to figure out the ball contraption with Leah and Hannah's help. I didn't get a shot of him getting the ball off. He wasn't expecting it to be so heavy. :) (And love the kid in the background.)

Seth's first throw down the lane. Bumper bowling of course.

I'm pretty sure it took 5 whole minutes for that ball to make it all the way down, but he watched the whole time.

Second ball in the first round with Hannah helping. As you can see, he didn't knock any down the first time, but he didn't care.

Round two, all by himself. Love his form.

Seth's score after two rounds: 2. He LOVED running back and everyone cheering for him and giving him high fives.

Starbucks finally came to Hungary this year (after being told it would be here when we moved here). There is one in this mall and gave out free samples of muffins and gingerbread lattes. Kate was content to sit in her stroller with the muffins while Uncle Linc tells her all about bowling balls. :)

Then I look over at the lane next to us and see Zoli and his family! This was the only shot I got, which is terrible I know, but I wanted to get one of me with his family...but then I forgot until after they left. Anyway, Zoli and his wife Fanny started out in my first English class. Fanny translated everything for him because he didn't speak a word of English, and over the next two years, he got to speaking all on his own so well! He was one of my favorites, and I haven't seen him in ages. What a small world! It definitely made my day, and I had fun meeting all four of his girls for the first time. Now I need to make a solid effort in getting together with them. You can pray about that if you remember!

The only picture of Aunt Kaye and Caleb from the day. Hannah made it in a few. ;)

Seth waited patiently for all of us to bowl!

Kate just wandered around snacking the whole time. :)

Leah helped entertain her, too.

The final bowling score. I'll let you think that the highest "K" score was me. :)

And can you see how well Seth ended up doing? Granted the rails were up, so there were no gutter balls, but you can still not knock any pins down with the rails up. Don't ask me how I know! ;) With the help of the rails, he did knock down 7 pins in the tenth round but then picked up a spare ALL ON HIS OWN, without the help of the rails!!! We were all so excited for him, and that meant a third ball for him, too. Fun!

Seth asked today if he could go bowling again. He said he wants to go with Grandma and Grandpa. I'm sure that would mean both sets this summer!

We ended our evening after the kids went to bed by watching "Inception." We watched the trailer for the first time before watching the actual film, and based solely on that, I don't think I would have ever chosen to watch that movie. But I heard such rave reviews and thought that we should see it. The problem with hearing such awesome things is that it's hard to live up to your expectations as a result. But I did like it. It ended happily, which is not what I was expecting because those types of twisted movies don't.

All in all, it was a really fun day!

It just took awhile to fall asleep because everyone was lighting fireworks, which started hours before midnight and went on for a long time after. But I did eventually fall asleep. :)


Stefanie Schocke said...

We'll have to take him to Pinstripes in Barrington during the summer. It's like $5 for all you bowl for kids. Daniel loved it this summer, too.

Stefanie Schocke said...

We went bowling with the Gawne kids over Thanksgiving...and Tim was the only one who didn't use the bumpers :) I did! :)