Monday, December 6, 2010


Saturday we went to the Sugar Shop! Julie told me about it, so I looked it up and decided we had to go. Fun fun!

They had all sorts of candy you can't get ordinarily here, like all of these Jelly Belly's! They also had crispy m&m's!

Kate was reaching and trying to grab at anything she could. They had a whole section of cupcake treats! Most of the things were not at all for her (lip gloss, nail file, salt and pepper shakers, car fresheners, etc.), but I did pick up a ceramic cupcake "piggy" bank for her for Christmas. Kevin said that it's really not for her but for me. True. :)

Seth was in heaven. I think he asked if he could have one of everything in the store. This giant candy cane was fun to look at.

And I say "fun to look at" because the prices of the candy canes were outrageous. Granted this is not a Hungarian treat, so you just can't get these here. But the price tags on the slightly-bigger-than-normal sized candy canes were almost $3.50. So we got a few really small ones for 75 cents.

But they certainly did have a lot to choose from!

Fun Christmas/winter display. Uncle Dan would certainly like the snowboarding guy!

There is a bakery section, too, where you can sit down and eat a treat. They all looked so pretty, but we didn't get anything. They also make the prettiest cakes!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these sort of canister/apothecary jar things. I have never seen them anywhere in Hungary, and one would think that I just wasn't looking. Granted I haven't been to every store in the country, but I do look for them because I have always loved them. Then I saw them here and that you can buy them. I thought they were expensive, but then I realized that they were about the same price as ones I had seen online. Of course Pottery Barn isn't cheap either, but it was just nice to see these. They are so pretty. :)

And on the way home, I just took a picture of the Szent István Bazilika. It's pretty, too. :)

This was a last minute decision to go, and so glad we did. We'll have to go back sometime!


Mom Y. said...

You definitely have a gift for photography. Your pictures made my mouth water!

Julie said...

so glad you went... we loved going there too!!!!

When are we going to do a mom's time at Allee????
miss you

Doug said...

is that the church with St Steven's hand in the jar?

Doug said...

got my answer on the internet...

"As you wander into the church and to the left in the back chapel you can view St. Stephen's mummified hand or you can wait until August 20, his feast day and see it for free when it is paraded around the city. To get the box to light up to actually see it, you will have to spring for 100 Ft (55¢/30p)."

Notice you can see it free on my birthday!!!

Andrea said...

Kristen where exactly is this store? It looks fantastic!