Wednesday, December 22, 2010

reindeer headpieces

We had to buy Kate a bigger car seat tonight. We can no longer buckle her in with her winter coat on. She still fits and is under the weight limit, but that big puffy coat can barely squeeze in there!

The store we went to had some people who spoke English and could help us. Learned an interesting thing though about the chest clip and how they aren't allowed in Europe and thus do not sell them here. It baffles me. Not going to lie, but I am a little nervous about that lacking. But she was in desperate need of one, and we can't wait until we go back this summer to get her one in the States.

But you can see what she really likes this Christmas:

Always trying to reach Snoopy and press the button so that he plays the piano.

Look of death! Despite that look, he LOVED wearing this!

My mom sent us a package with something I needed to make for Seth this Christmas, and she stuck a few goodies in there, like these reindeer headpieces!

I can't see you, Mom! ... Well, open your eyes, goofball!

Kate left hers on for only two seconds before I could ever get a picture, so Seth and I had fun taking pictures of ourselves with them on. Thankfully they are velcro so we can all wear them. :)


Michelle and Justin said...

Wow about the car seat! Which store did you go to? And I think the reindeer headbands are cute on ya'll! You obviously had fun, but I think we need to get a photo of Kevin wearing one too! ;)

Stefanie Schocke said...

Hilarious!!!! I love his face.

Doug said...

I vote for a pic of Kevin wearing them too! Move Snoopy closer so Kate can play it all the time! Love Dad