Monday, December 20, 2010

kate's room

I smile every time I walk into Kate's room. It's so bright (despite what the pictures might look like without a flash!) and pretty. If it were my own place, I would do some things differently, but I like the way it is with what I am allowed to do.

I took these pics a few weeks ago and just forgot to post them, so here they are now:

I made the mobile based on the tutorial from jones design company. I have never seen full styrofoam wreath forms here, so Leah sent me one! Mine took a super long time to do because my flowers were difficult. I ended having to take apart every single one, remove a few plastic pieces, peel off any glue, and then put them back together the best I could. It didn't end up looking like I had envisioned, but I am happy it worked out with what I had! And on the plus side, fake flowers here are super expensive, and I found these on clearance at IKEA for about a dollar a piece.

My first sewing project! My parents brought me the fabric from the US when they came to visit as that too is super expensive here. I am in LOVE with this Amy Butler design. It immediately brightened and warmified (is that even a word? Audrey?) her room! They were pretty long, so I clipped them with the rod pocket folded over, kind of looking like a ruffle at the top. :)

At our previous house, I had an open wall with nothing on it on one side of her room and had nine cupcake prints in frames. I didn't have a good spot for the group of nine in this room, but the group of six over her crib looks good here. I had planned on hanging the "mobile" over her crib, but then I didn't want to get a drill for the ceiling and all of that and decided to hang it from the ugly light fixture instead, making room for some of the prints here.

No closets here, so this bookshelf, which was our "pantry" in our first apartment (I still wonder how I used that thing for our pantry!), got turned into a closet/armoire for her hanging clothes and baskets underneath for shoes and other things. I just removed the other shelves and put a tension rod at the top. I still need to pick up some more hooks to hang up her cute little magnetic board!

I LOVE this dresser from IKEA. The drawers are really deep, which I think is essential because little clothes do not fold nice and flat like bigger adult clothing items. I have a collage of pictures on her dresser that will go up on shelves that I still want to hang that are sitting on the floor. But before I drill any holes, we need to figure out if we will live in this house next year or not! Oh, and the tall narrow frame on the left side of the mirror is a cupcake needle point my grandma did for Kate when she heard I had a cupcake theme. How sweet!

And Kate plays on the floor with all of her diaper items in the basket. Oh, and there is that stool I repainted and recovered for the second time with a fabric remnant and some spray paint. We don't ever use it, but it certainly looks cute sitting there in her room.

I hope you enjoyed the little "tour" of Kate's room. There are still a few other cute things I would like to hang up but can't decide where exactly, but that is fun for me. :) Her room is right next to ours and at the front of the house, so we both have a connected balcony across the front. The extra door with the windows gives the rooms a lot of light, unlike both our room and Kate's room in our last house. I like light!


Magyar Journey said...

Very cute, friend! What a cheery room for your precious little girl! I sure hope I get to meet her and see y'all this summer, on one continent or another!

Kristin said...

Kristen, Kate's room is adorable! I love your creativity!

Kevin said...

Kate apparently doesn't like her room as she always seems to cry whenever I put her in there.